As always, Jealous Print Studio has been a hive of activity, but one of the most exciting releases in recent months has been quite a special collaboration. After being approached by Kaspersky Lab (the internet security giants) to help celebrate their 20th anniversary, a plan was hatched to combine their special birthday with internet security and street art. Soon settling on mutual favourite Ben Eine and his bold iconic fonts, we set to work to make the discussion a reality.

The result was ‘The Data Dollar Store’, a two-day pop-up at Old Street Station where fans were able to purchase a new screenprint edition by Eine, along with other exclusive Ben Eine merchandise, but not in the traditional sense….

Ben Eine and Jealous created an exclusive signed and numbered limited edition ‘K’ screenprint which featured his iconic circus font in the Kaspersky colours. The print was only available at The Data Dollar Store, but eager art-lovers didn’t need to dig into their savings or ask Mum and Dad to lend them some cash to purchase this print.

There was a cost, but not as we know it… The Data Dollar Store was the first ever shop to use data* as currency in exchange for goods, encouraging enthusiasts to be mindful of the value of their digital data.

“Art and data have similar parallels – both have value but at what cost? By selling my exclusive artwork that money cannot buy, but instead is exchanged for data, Kaspersky Lab opens a new way of thinking about the meaning of data and its value. Shoreditch has significance to me as it is where I have drawn much of my inspiration. It is also the home to Silicon Roundabout, the heart of the UK tech scene and the digital revolution, a fitting location for the Data Dollar Store. It brings these two worlds together and turns the simple transaction as we know it, on its head.” - Ben Eine.

The collaboration between Jealous, Ben Eine & Kaspersky was the first of its kind and marks the 20th anniversary of the cyber giant, what better way to celebrate!

To find out more about The Data Dollar store visit

*The data shared by customers was only used to complete the transaction and not for any other purposes, it was deleted after 30 days.

The Night Cleaners Poster Broadsheet

The Night Cleaners Poster Broadsheet

Ann-Marie James: ALCHEMY

Ann-Marie James: ALCHEMY

Alchemy is an exhibition of beautiful contemporary artworks by Ann-Marie James.

Wessex Museums invited Ann-Marie James to delve into the collections of their four partner museums (Wiltshire Museum, Dorset County Museum, Poole Museum and The Salisbury Museum) and choose an object from each to inspire a series of artworks.

She spent a year creating the finished pieces, all in gold or white. Gold derives from the Bush Barrow Lozenge (Wiltshire Museum) and the tale of Bacchus and Midas (Poole Museum); white from the chalk that the Amesbury Archer (The Salisbury Museum) was originally found in, and the white of the Roman mosaic (Dorset County Museum).

Her techniques included drawing, painting, printmaking and gilding with 24ct gold leaf.


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