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07-Sep-2017 to 24-Sep-2017


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Jealous encourages you to dive, headfirst, into our upcoming group exhibition ‘Swimming Pools’. A swimming pool, which can be pristine and serene or aggressive and feral. Exploring public or private water; they simultaneously deliver the yearning of glamour, the challenge of competition, the seduction of youth and the promise of sunshine. In fact, few things evoke summer better than the swimming pool, its cool blue water offering a respite from sweltering heat. Pools are used in literature and film as symbols of hedonism, seduction or danger, which cross over into the mainstream ideals, especially for Brits where they are forged into sign of luxury. The variety in structure, size, location and atmosphere of the swimming pool has inspired artists for generations.


The master of the swimming pool is undoubtedly David Hockney, but since his iconic 1960’s series, many artists have been inspired to revisit the theme, including Ed Ruscha, Elmgreen & Dragset and countless more. The swimming pool was already a central concern of celebrity photography and ‘beefcake’ images, but Hockney’s exploration of it in his major paintings of the 1960s and early 1970s encouraged a more adventurous artistic exploration of the theme.

This exhibition brings together contemporary artists who seek to revisit the theme and create their own take on the genre of the pool picture. Sometimes the movement of flowing water offers an opportunity to experiment with almost abstract arrangements of curve, translucency, and dynamic form. Sometimes the atmosphere of the pool creates explosions of colour and vibrancy, recreating the mood and pure joy it can bring.

The exhibition will showcase existing and new works from Aaron Jupin, Adam Bridgland, Andrew Burgess, Anka Dabrowska, Bench Allen, Ben Eine, UNGA (Broken Fingaz), Charlotte Windsor, Angry Dan, Danny Augustine, David Shrigley, Gaurab Thakali, Hwa Seon Yang, Jealous Inc., Jess Wilson, Jia Chaun, Katharine Libretto, Lena Goodison, Lucy Antoniou, Lucy Gough, Lucy Smallbone, Magda Archer, Ornamental Conifer, Richard Denne, Rob Ryan, Rose Blake, Tom Adams, Tyler Spangler, Yigi Özden, William Kingett. With each artist exploring the genre of the pool picture across a variety of mediums including original drawings, spray paint, photography and painting, the exhibition will also include exclusive limited edition prints fresh from Jealous Print Studio.

‘In the swimming pool pictures, I had become interested in the more general problem of painting the water, finding a way to do it. It is an interesting formal problem; it is a formal problem to represent water, to describe water, because it can be anything. It can be any colour and it has no set visual description.’ – David Hockney



Aaron Juplin is a California based painter, drawer and sculptor with a BFA from the Otis College of Art and Design. His distinct style draws from Disney cartoons, mimicking the playful line work and animation of everyday objects. Aaron is part of the’Jealous Needs You' 2015 project that invited. 


A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Adam Bridgland has exhibited widely in the UK, America, Europe and Asia. The British Museum, the V&A, UBS, Boeing Asia and Debbie Harry are just some of the collectors of Adam's work. In July 2009 Adam was awarded his first major public art commission by Commissions East. He has since gone to complete a number of important projects, including work for YouTube, Heal's, Airnimal bikes, SmartLIFE, Jacuzzi and Eastern Pavilions.


 Adam Bridgland Oh Lucy Come See This World With Me (Rubber Ring)


Andrew Burgess is a London-born artist currently residing in Tucson, Arizona. Burgess is known for his renditions of modernist and mid-century architecture, panoramic cityscape paintings, and elaborate mosaic-like collages made from vintage papers and ephemera collected over many years. Burgess continually expands his artistic vocabulary by mastering various media, more recently immersing himself in photography and printmaking.

Burgess has completed many important commissions for public and private institutions including Crossrail (London’s largest ever engineering project), Cunard, APL shipping, Mandarin Oriental Hotels and a medical center in San Jose, California. [Courtesy Cynthia Corbett Gallery].


Born in Poland and now living in London, Anka Dabrowska adopts the position of an outsider or stranger to respond to a sense of displacement increasingly common to inhabitants of contemporary metropolises. Dabrowska’s drawings and sculpted ‘anti-structures’ drawn from documentary research of Warsaw, explore the changing façade of the city. She combines her own disjointed recollections with the present reality to examine the disparity between individual identity and collective memory. In her delicate drawings, tenement blocks, shop fronts and street signs are set adrift against the disquieting blankness of an empty page. Contrasting with the fragile precision of her drawn lines, Dabrowska uses spray-painted marks to reproduce the irreverent patter of Warsaw graffiti-while semi-abstract designs recall the half-remembered fragments of domestic interiors.
Haphazard collages of impoverished materials- suggesting an almost schizophrenic confusion of internal and external space– Dabrowska’s improvised ‘kiosks’ offer a noisy counterpart to the whispered eloquence of her drawings. Like the buildings on which they are based– many of which now lay abandoned-Dabrowska’s crude anti-structures evoke confused afterthoughts of consumerist delirium. Built from the disregarded wreckage of everyday life, Dabrowska combines cardboard, wood, garish plastics and concrete alongside documentary snapshots and bright blotches of sprayed graffiti. Although her work is intensely autobiographical it moves beyond personal circumstances to address the common drift through our shared environment, tracing the possibilities for a poetic recuperation of our alienated urban spaces. Anka Dabrowska (b. 1979 Warsaw, Poland) graduated in 2003 from University of Northumbria in Newcastle where she attained her Masters in Fine Art with distinction. She lives and works in London and has exhibited widely nationally and internationally.

 Anka Dabrowska Deep End II


Bench Allen is a London-based Plymothian and an illustration and print graduate of Plymouth College of Art. Raised by Mother Nature and married to the Sea, his work is inspired by the beauty of the natural and unnatural world. Within his practise he explores the idea of the 'wordless narrative’, leaving his work open to interpretation but with a consistent grounding to nature.

Bench Allen Reun Loos yn Karrek


Born in London, Ben Eine is one of the most successful street artists in the world and is regarded as a pioneer in the exploration of graffitti letterforms. Originally a writer, Eine started his career over 25 years ago, leaving his first tag all over London before developing his distinct typographic style. Eine’s aim was to point out that street art is distinct from graffiti. He believed “street artists want to add something to the environment. They consider the audience, whereas graffiti writers don’t care about anyone except themselves, they do it purely for the kick”. Eine's bright and colourful letters were created to stand out from the usual tags and dubs seen on the streets and can still be found in areas of East London. These letters appear on shop shutters and often spell whole words across walls. Eine first came to prominence in the “commercial” graffiti scene through his symbiotic partnership with London graffiti artist Banksy. In 2010 the UK Prime Minister David Cameron gifted his artwork to President Obama, while a particular area of the East End was named ‘Alphabet City’ after his colourful array of shopfront ‘shutter art’. Currently Ben Eine’s work is held in the permanent collections of the V&A, London, The Museum of Modern Art, Los Angeles and galleries worldwide, while his street art works can be seen all over the world, most recently he completed a huge mural on the British Embassy in Abu Dhabi.


Founded in 2001, multidisciplinary art collective Broken Fingaz (Unga, Tant and Deso) is regarded as one of the first of its kind to emerge from Haifa, Israel.
With their independent approach and shared appreciation of illustration, in over a decade working together they have become renowned for a unique group style, painted as if by one hand, and inspired by sex, death, everyday ephemera, comic books, vintage porn, ‘80s skateboards graphics and neo-psychedelia.
Starting out by painting graffiti on the street and designing posters and graphics for local music venues, the BFC’s work now encompasses painting, zines, animation and installation.
Elucidating the importance of their contributions to the shape of the contemporary culture in Israel, the BFC’s work was presented at exhibitions at Israel’s most important institutes: the Tel Aviv Museum (2011) and the Haifa Museum of Art (2010). Accolades from newspapers about the BFC’s work include “the vitality and spirit of street art” (The Evening Standard, UK) “not everyone has their talent“ (The Independent, UK) "BFC have spent their career appalling people" (Vice). In November 2013, they were featured on the BBC World's The Cultural Frontline.


Combining illustration and screen printing, Charlotte Windsor creates colourful prints that play on domesticity and our surroundings. Giving the viewer an insight into the mundane everyday living we all experience, but in a different light. Charlotte currently works as an illustrator and writes online features for 'People Of Print'. She has worked internationally as a studio assistant at Venice Printmaking Studio (Venice, Italy), Scuola Internazionale di Grafica Italy (Venice, Italy), Jealous Studio (London, UK). Originally from the south-east coast of Kent, Charlotte has recently graduated from Coventry University with First Class honours in Illustration and Graphic Design with International Enhancement, she was also awarded "Student of the Year 2017".


Angry Dan depicts his writing through illustration, animation, and song. Sometimes tragic, sometimes witty, sometimes beautiful, and more often with a hint of irony. His ongoing Instagram project, Angry Dan's Lunchtime Limerick, is intended to be an entry point for his long-form work. This piece was written for the show.


Born in 1986 and raised in Hackney, Danny Augustine studied Fine Art at the University of East London and completed his printmaking MA at the Royal College of Art in 2014. Danny's work deals predominantly with ideas of identity and gender and how it is portrayed in today's society, be it male, female, transgender or homosexual. Playing with a narrative which starts out as hope, quickly becomes a hegemony of power and a carnival of vice. In regards to love and family Danny's work leaves the viewer both with a sense of what could have been and with a sense of how those feelings have been distorted by gender politics.


David Shrigley (1968) is best known for his distinctive drawing style and works that make satirical comments on everyday situations and human interactions. His flat compositions take on the inconsequential, the bizarre, and the disquieting elements of daily life. While drawing is at the centre of his practice, the artist also works across an extensive range of media including sculpture, large-scale installation, animation, painting, photography and music.Shrigley’s extensive rage of artistic endeavours has brought him much attention since graduating from Glasgow School of Art (1991). In 2003 he directed the animation for the music video for Blur’s ‘”Good Song” and in 2004 Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's "Agnes, Queen of Sorrow". Since 2005 he has contributed to The Guardians Weekend magazine every Saturday. Most notably, in 2013 he was nominated for the Turner Prize, following his major mid-career retrospective at the Hayward Gallery, London entitled ‘Brain Activity'. His most recent artistic exploration brought him into the realm of public art; In September 2016, Shrigley's large scale sculpture ‘Really Good' was unveiled in Trafalgar Square, for the Fourth Plinth Commission.Shrigley'sworks are included in prominent collections internationally, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia; Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany; Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois; Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen; Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany; Thyssen-Bornemisza Contemporary Art Foundation, Vienna; Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh; Tate, London; and The British Council, London.


Gaurab Thakali is an illustrator /artist currently living and working in London. His work focuses on narrative and storytelling using themes such as music, events, nights, etc often working with brands and publications such as - The New Yorker, Pitchfork, Carhartt, Vinyl Factory, Boiler Room, etc. 


Graurab Thakali Cannes


Lena Goodison, is a Swedish artist living and working in Brighton, UK. She studied photography in Stockholm and documentary film making at Öland’s Folk School. She is self-taught in art and calls on a wide range of techniques in her creative practice. Lena draws inspiration from architecture, nature, geometric shapes, colour and urban landscapes. Her work is then created by combining her own photography, illustrations and acrylic paintings in a style that is instinctive and experimental. Previous exhibitions have been in Stockholm and Brighton.


Hwa Seon Yang, known as Yanghwa, is a South Korean artist living and working in London. Studying an MA in Painting in Seoul, she then went on to earn a second MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, graduating in 2013. Her next step is a Professional Doctorate course at University of East London. Yanghwa's work is a visual allegory and tribute to children's play and the desire to negotiate non-perspective safety zones of comfort and familiarity. Running themes throughout her work include comfort zones and toys. A keen miniature toy collector, Yanghwa paints from her own vast collection of figures, breathing life into mass produced toys. Yanghwa works to create artworks that speak directly to the child within us all, invoking nostalgic memories of childhood and comfort. Her watercolor and pencil pieces are a vibrant and colourful exploration of memories and play, and have been exhibited in group shows across London, Seoul, Hong Kong and Beijing. Yanghwa was shortlisted for the prestigious Herbert Smith Freehills & Works in Print Art Prize in 2013, and has exhibited as par of Sweet ‘Art’ at Espacio Gallery, London’s Arbeit Gallery (2013) and KAIS Gallery, Hong Kong (2007). Yanghwa’s Jealous Prize print edition is now held in the Victoria & Albert Museum Permanent Print Collection.

Hwa Seon Yang A Safe Zone


Jess Wilson graduated in 2006 and has been living and working in London ever since. Graduating from university with a 1st degree honours in Graphic Design she started straight away getting her illustration work out there. Using crayons, paints, inks and paper to create her unique illustrations and typographic works, she draws inspiration from humorous occurrences which happen around her in real life and in the media. Jess has worked with top clients producing big jobs for magazines, clothing ranges, prints,books and packaging. As well as working with clients Jess tries to get involved in as many exhibitions as possible and carrying out self initiated projects. Jess has exhibitied at the V&A and all over London as well as in Estonia and Japan.

Jia Chaun is a Chinese illustrator and artist currently working in London. He was born in Huainan, Anhui, a foggy city with a long history. He received his BA in Graphic Design from China Academy of Art in 2010, and his MA in the same major from Chelsea College of Art and Design, UAL in 2012. After graduating from university, he flung himself into the art industry. His work has been used by commercial brands such as Genting Cruise, Uber, and has been recognised by many Chinese Art Institutions. The inspiration of his print comes from his observation of common summer items. Even the most general object can be a key to the door of memory hidden behind it; and the memories may release a spiritual mirage under deep emotional pressure, like releasing the empty and distorted space when flattening a can.


Katharine Libretto is from the United States and received her Bachelor of Fine Art degree in 2007, concentrating in Graphic Design, at C.W. Post College/Long Island University in New York. From 2009-2011 she studied at The School of Visual Arts’ Continuing Education program in New York City until she moved to London to develop her printmaking practice full time. In 2012 she received a Masters degree with Merit at Camberwell College of Art/University of the Arts London in printmaking. In 2013 she was granted an Artist Residency at the Women’s Studio Workshop in New York, USA. Her practice is fueled by an interest in the coexistence of natural and man-made elements in both rural and urban environments. Through observation and imagination, the work views and deconstructs landscapes and cityscapes at a particular point in time, but allow for many possible interpretations. Along with time, both historical and contemporary, an identity of place is a key characteristic of her work, providing a unique perception and understanding. It offers a composite of real and imagined places, fused into compositions that could be everywhere and anywhere. Some compositions call for the viewer to engage with the subject, and evoke nostalgic associations.

Lucy Gough
is an artist and illustrator who works predominantly in print and photography. She graduated from Norwich School of Art and Design in 2002 and now lives and works in London. She has exhibited widely in the UK and Internationally as well as completing several important commissions. The stylised representation of everyday objects and use of hand drawn type are recurrent themes in her artistic practice. The content of the text varies in its sentiment from poetic to purposeful to playfully ironic creating gently humorous pieces.

Lucy Smallbone is a recent graduate from the Slade School of Fine Art Master's program who specialises in modern landscape painting. Her work looks at the merging of fictional and real space and questions the part that memory and the mind can play in altering a view of a place.
In her swimming pool paintings, rose tinted childhood memories are bleached by summer and time as they are merged in the mind with iconic images from over saturated 60s California. This tips the paintings out of the real allowing them to hover in and out of abstraction.
Lucy Smallbone is a recipient of such prizes as the Haworth trust grant(2011), the David Balladie travel prize(2009) and travelled to Chernobyl last year thanks to The Duveen Travel Prize(2016). She has been featured in The Catlin Guide (2011), the Affordable Art Fair's Recent graduate stand(2015) and Fad Magazine’s ‘Artist to Watch’(2017). 


Lucy Smallbone Neon Palms


Lucy Antoniou is a Brixton based printmaker and member of Sonsoles Print Studio, Peckham. A self-proclaimed ‘newbie’ to the craft of screenprinting having taken a course earlier this year, she’s become enamoured with the personal and hands-on process. Since then, Lucy has continued to experiment with both hand drawn images and her own photography, creating fun and lighthearted prints with vibrant colour combinations.

Magda Archer trained at Ravensbourne College of Art, Chelsea School of Art and the Royal College of Art before embarking on a series of group exhibitions. In 1996 she produced artwork for The Beatles Anthology in partnership with Peter Quinnell. Since then she was the co-writer and illustrator for the Harry Hill Fun Book. Some of the artwork produced for the fun book appeared in Peter Blake; About Collage at the Liverpool Tate in 2000. She participated in the group shows Kiss of a Lifetime at Vane, Newcastle in 2009 and in London Calling at Idea Generation Gallery, London in 2010. She has written and illustrated a children’s book, Watch Out Arthur! published by Harper Collins. In 2010, 'What The Stars Buy' Magda's book where Art meets comedy, was published by POLITE. In 2011 Magda had her first solo show, 'Crazy Mad' at the Cornerhouse, Manchester. In 2012 Magda's paintings were used by Comme des Garcons for their spring/summer Shirt Campaign.


Ornamental Conifer, the moniker of British artist, Nicolai Sclater, currently living in Los Angleles, Never Perfect but Always Awesome.


Following a musical/creative childhood Richard Denne moved to London in 1984 to study Music. It was there, on the edge of Soho, that he discovered a sub-culture of sexuality and life seemed to begin. 15 years later, tiring of London and the clubbing scene he moved to Brighton and found time and space to rediscover his interest in the Arts. 

Within Denne’s work you find strong colour fields punctuated with rhythmical geometric patterns, male figures are placed in various situations of quiet contemplation, the ‘lost state’ of dialogue. Denne uses saturated high key coloured forms that are designed to create a dynamic; a sense of pleasure with fragments of personal memory or fantasy. Traditional and digital print processes are often borrowed to form the body of both printmaking and paintings, although he doesn’t see himself as a painter. The resulting imagery moves and merges from figuration to abstraction and back again.

More recent pieces are derived from early formal or mechanically geometric works. Denne likes to see himself as an architect when designing his works, where pure form and placement are used as a way of building structure throughout the surface. His use of pure form and colour only hints at how he uses colour and how it flattens any preconceived notion of any realistic landscape. Backgrounds are solid with imagery almost hovering on top. This obvious reduction in form and structure could be attributed to the intense light source that would be found in Denne’s make believe landscapes of Hollywood and Palm Springs, you are invited to be a voyeur and observe the dramas unfold before you.
In Denne’s eyes these are distilled locations, a path from where we start a journey looking for a destination with a sense of belonging.
In 2004 he completed his Masters Degree in Fine Art/Printmaking and currently works from his Hove Studio. 

Richard Denne Boys of Summer


Rob Ryan was born in 1962 in Akrotiri, Cyprus. He studied Fine Art at Trent Polytechnic and at the Royal College of Art, London where he specialised in Printmaking. Since 2002 he has been working principally within the paper cutting medium. Although he views himself first and always as a fine artist his intricate papercut work adapts itself readily to screenprinting which has then transferred to ceramics, fabrics, lasercutting and other surfaces. He has collaborated with Paul Smith, Liberty of London, Fortnum and Mason and Vogue along with many other established companies. His work often consists of whimsical figures paired with sentimental, grave, honest and occasionally humorous pieces of writing which he readily admits are autobiographical. Recent exhibitions have included "The Stars Shine All Day Too" at London's Air Gallery on Dover Street and "Your Job is to take this world apart and put it back together again…. but even better!" - an exhibition of papercuts and ceramics at The Shire Hall Gallery Stafford. Up-coming exhibitions for 2012 include a show at Charleston farmhouse and a group show at Manchester City gallery. He lives and works in London UK.


Rose Blake is an illustrator based in London, represented by the Central Illustration Agency. Rose graduated from Kingston University in 2009, and won a D+AD Best New Blood Award. She then went on to graduate with an MA in Communication Art and Design from the Royal Academy of Art in 2011. Some of her previous clients include:, The Times, Random House,, It's Nice That, and Google.


Originally from Kent, Tom Adams moved to London to study Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Arts. He spent his degree veering away from digital design and preferring to create work by hand within screen printing, letterpress and etching. Since graduation in 2015, Tom has spent the past year interning within a multitude of companies and exploring various aspects of design. Having worked within web and app development agencies and risograph print studios, Tom has found his true calling working as a screen printer in Shoreditch.

His work incorporates his passion for typography, illustration and a bit of word play every now and then. Ultimately Tom enjoys creating work that gets smirked at.


Tyler Spangler’s work focuses on the formalist relationship between images removed from their original context. He explores the connotations of color, form, and photography through the medium of digital collage. His designs are colorful and unabashedly chaotic. Over the last three years, Tyler has created six 440-page books filled with his own designs and worked on countless collaborations internationally. He has a BA in Psychology and is an Art Center College of Design dropout. He ran an illegal punk venue for 13 shows until it got shut down by police. Tyler currently freelances and works with clients in the music, surf, and textile industry. 


Tyler Spangler Deliberation


William Kingett graduated from LCC in Graphic Communication in 2010, he then went onto study for his MA and PHD in Social Linguistics and his specialism was the Communications of the United Nations. Kingett himself claims to be very process driven, he is also passionate about typography and illustrated iconic popular culture. For this reason, William has firmly placed his creative footing in printmaking, to produce impressive art prints. As a collector of his own memories, he uses these as referencing distillations and with them creates new informed patterns of discourse. It is a well-known fact that William also likes pizza and would eventually like to become an astronaut and work for NASA.


Yigi Özden is a Turkish graduate student currently undertaking studies in European and International Affairs. Social media initiated his interest in photography and visuals arts and thus has also enabled him to exhibit at group shows and festivals in London and New York. Besides his fascination with swimming pools he tries to focus his attention to connect his professional and academic life with different avenues of artistic expression. 


Yigi Özden Shower before entering pool






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