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24-Jun-2021 to 18-Jul-2021


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Jealous are pleased to present a new body of work by Rowan Newton. First created for an exhibition planned for 2020, his solo show ‘Isolation: Self-Imposed’ is comprised of original oil paintings, sketches and a screenprint edition created in the Jealous Studio, all evolved during the past year to capture the personal and immediate experiences felt throughout the pandemic.

The exhibition is inspired by Newton's reflections on his own artistic practice, which continued almost unchanged, despite the world around coming to a standstill. Working in prolonged solitude in the studio, connecting with his paintings, is a crucial part of Newton’s creative method and the exhibition aims to emulate the intensity felt in his ‘self-imposed’ isolation periods by setting the artworks on walls coloured in the rich, opulent shades seen in his work.

Newton’s miniature series ‘Forgotten Faces’ depicting the artist’s close friends, encompasses, on the one hand, the isolation felt during the lockdown period in their abstract, distorted style, while on the other, in their grid-like format the artist hints at how we became used to seeing loved ones, those bonding moments sought from video calls, offering feelings of connectivity and intimacy.

The larger paintings show his subject’s isolated within the canvas, each person alone, often gazing beyond the frame. Newton encourages the viewer to create their own narrative for his work and provides a period of self-reflection. We can imagine ourselves as the subject; fanaticising about the person’s thoughts or feelings, or we can remain the onlooker.

‘Isolation: Self-Imposed’ runs from 24th June – 18th July 2021 at Jealous East before moving on to Jealous North 2nd – 26th September 2021.


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