04-Oct-2017 to 29-Oct-2017


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This Autumn Joe Webb takes over Jealous East with his new solo exhibition ‘Dark Matters’. His second solo show at Jealous, this exhibition explores the darker side of Webb’s work through his cross-media of collage, painting and screenprinted editions.

Join Us of the private view on Wednesday 4th October 6:30-8:30pm at Jealous East, All welcome.

The new body of work featured in 'Dark Matters' tackles many challenging subjects; socio-political issues, capitalism, war, technology and inequality. Using the medium he has become so well known for, Webb’s collages highlight the challenges of the the 21st century, juxtaposing the absurd with the deadly to expose a society of vast contrasts which we have almost become desensitised to. The sugary sweet vintage images he uses of happy families enjoying life, combined against atrocious scenes often with a backdrop of outer space succinctly comments on the world today and beyond into the cosmos. 

“I find juxtaposing the everyday earthly issues we face with the inconceivable vastness of the space puts things into perceptive. It's a reminder that maybe we are all a little less significant than we often think we are.”

Using found images sourced from magazines, books and printed ephemera, Webb creates simple but elegant, darkly surreal, dream-like collages. Created without the aid of a computer, the collages are completely hand-made and unique.

His signature style is applied through various mediums; alongside original collages the exhibition will also feature a new silkscreened edition from Jealous Print Studio and an original painting on canvas.

 Hunger (2016) - Original Collage, 25.5 x 17cm


Inner Space III (2017) - Original Collage, 16 x 21cm



War Games (2017) - Original Collage, 20 x 29.5cm



Click here to view Joe's available print editions

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