smallprint - EXTENDED BY POPULAR DEMAND to Sunday 23rd August - 2009

from Thursday 6th August 2009to Sunday 23rd August 2009

smallprint is an exhibition of miniature screenprints made by artists Sarah Fotheringham, Jayoon Choi and Tarek Salhany and curated by Ellie Phillips.

The show will be composed of over 250 miniature screenprints, developed in the Jealous Studio from beautiful original drawings.

Each series of prints presents a collection of similar images; birds, tanks or people. Categorised by the artists and indexed by the gallery installation these images present unique archives of experiences, places and memories. Visitors will be able to mix and match prints to create their own unique portfolios, recategorising and collecting to form new groupings. The artists will also be building their own fantastical landscape in a collaborative installation project taking place over the duration of the exhibition.

The screenprint editions produced for smallprint will be on sale for the duration of the show, priced between 12.50 and 40.00, we are happy to arrange framing and to assist you in selecting your own collection of prints.

birds - Sarah Fotheringham


Type1 Colour Screenprint
Price 20.00