15-Jun-2016 to 19-Jun-2016


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As a part of Crouch End Festival 2016, Jealous is excited to be working with Latinolife, the UK’s leading Latin culture magazine. On show will be a vast range of styles and mediums with a number of artists exhibiting their works over the week.


The exhibition will present original pieces from established artists Silvina Soria, Sonia Ciruelo and Alex Vargas, forming a vibrant collection of mix media works from iron wire sculpture, collage on canvas and photographic prints of manipulated digital photography accompanied by video performance. Coinciding with Crouch End Festival running from 10th to 19th June, the group show will celebrate bursting creativity and talents among the Latino community and their inspirations taken from living and working in, whilst continuing to grow their subsequent international successes in their artists careers.





Silvina Soria is an Argentine Sculpture who works with different materials, each of them exploring the diverse particularities of the three dimensions. Searching for the subtlety in sculpture led her to work the line in the space, with iron and wire. In 2009 Silvina was invited to participate in an Artists Residence in Paris where she worked during three months on a wire drawings series in between the two and three dimensions. The theme of movement, flowing, the transformation inherent in the passage of time lies beneath all her work, enriched by the experience of travelling.

Since 2009 Silvina has lived and worked in London, working on small scale steel and wire sculptures representing 3D maps inspired by subway maps and the massive underground networks that expand as roots and electrocardiograms representing city rhythms. These have evolved from a previous installation project consisting of steel frames placed on opposite walls with iron rods projecting from them, growing like branches into the space, until they join to form a labyrinth throughout the entire space of the room. Silvina is interested in developing a research into space and mapping by creating site-specific installations which involves the public and makes them feel part of them.



Sonia Ciruelo is a mixed media artist and mural painter from Barcelona, who juxtaposes acrylic paint mixed with fabric and paper collage on canvas to cumulatively organise the pictorial space. This gradually determines the course of the painting, but not in a methodical way. In her own words: In my paintings I am always working with ideas of perception and transformation. I have always been fascinated by the way in which microorganisms, the smallest creatures evolve, by how they mutate and transform themselves. That which is almost invisible to humans ends up being perceptible, constituting an impressive spectacle..

Sonia’s art has been exhibited in numerous venues in Spain and the UK; El Submarine Gallery, 5th Avenue Gallery and Exhibition of Young Art, Barcelona; Licors Factory Art Space, Mallorca; Fresh Art Fair, Olympia on the Wall, Affordable Art Fair, London, Florence Fine Art Gallery, West End, Saatchi Art Gallery and by private collectors worldwide. Sonia has lived in North London since 1999.



Alex Vargas is a Chilean Born artist who has has worked as a muralist for clients around Europe, notably at Casa Batllo, a famed Gaudi landmark in Barcelona. Alex has exhibited his work, which explores concepts of matter and its ongoing transformational condition, in Spain and London. Now based in London, Alex’s latest work includes a short film Field of Dissonance, the first of a cycle of films to explore dimensions of life, evolution and individual experience as eternal processes through large-scale frameworks of time. His influences include the late Roberto Matta and Chilean cinematographer Alejandro Jodorowsky, who incorporates surrealism with direct aesthetic assaults and shocking juxtapositions on the cinema screen. “Film is the ideal art form to explore unfolding processes because they occur over time. Time is the only absolute. Field of Dissonance, I hope, delivers this perspective and, open doors for them and me to make more discoveries in perception."



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